Reward the right performance

Chris March 9, 2016

Most managers focus on their staff’s performance in the context of technical tasks performed that lead to defined outputs. And let’s face it, there’s nothing particularly wrong with that. The problem is when managers only pay attention…

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Archetypal leadership

Chris February 28, 2015

Introduction Archetypal leadership is nothing new. In fact, it is one of the oldest philosophical approaches to leadership there is – common across cultures, continents and languages. We use it every day when we talk about the “tyrant” manager, the…

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The Performance Ecology: personal excellence

Chris May 3, 2014

In order for individuals to excel, teams to be effective and organisations to be capable, there needs to be a sustainable performance ecology. If any one of these elements is not developed, the ecology (just as in the environmental sense…

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Core values

Chris March 14, 2014

Whether people admit it or otherwise, values are incredibly important to them. People will invest enormous amounts of time and energy to rationalise their values, defend their values and even convince others of the value of their values. Values are…

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Coaching using feedback tools

Chris August 16, 2013

In this interview with Chris Burton from Team Management Systems about how feedback tools such as the QO2 profile assist with determining key coaching processes such as readiness to change, goal setting, goal attainment and rapport building. The QO2 tool…

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Paying attention

Chris April 26, 2013

So I get to the gym and I notice the guys swinging the weights, using their entire body to get it up, rather than the intended muscle. I notice how they are defeating the whole point of the exercise and…

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Executive Potential

Chris August 29, 2012

The executive leadership team at MSIT were looking to better position themselves and consolidate their strengths in preparation for a significant organisational change that could include amalgamation. Their goal was to position themselves as strong, cohesive executive team that could…

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Student leaders program

Chris August 10, 2012

The Student leaders program 2012 was designed for student representatives from SBIT and was focused on supporting them to develop rapport and inter-personal skills in order to influence others, explore and understand how personal differences impact upon engagement and…

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APW team training

Chris July 22, 2012

Today we ran our first team training day for the Athlete Potential Workshop being held in October. The Athlete Potential Workshop features 4 Australian Olympians: Anna Meares, Mel Rippon, Josh Jefferis and Thomas Pichler and is designed to support teenage…

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Influential leadership

Chris July 17, 2012

We are teaming up with Davidson Recruitment to deliver an EA/PA event with networking drinks and canapés followed by a leadership development session entitled Influential Leadership. This session will support EAs and PAs to gain some insights into…

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Innovating leaders

Chris July 10, 2012

Tatts Group was looking to: support a small group of high-potential employees to develop the leadership skills that would enable them to positively impact on the future of Tatts Group; further develop their innovation, problem-solving and decision-making…

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Focused action

Chris June 10, 2012

Focused action: leadership strategies for high-performance women (Part 4) Finally, everyone has a part of their psychology intimately interested in action, duty, significance. This part of our psychology is where things get done, where boundaries are set, where we…

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