Boys development camp

This three phase development camp for the NTID program of Diving Australia consisted of three workshops: Building the tribe, tapping the inner warrior and Breakthrough. The camp was made up entirely of boys aged 9 – 14 and the focus was on supporting them to get in touch with their inner fire and energy so that they could bring more intensity and effort to their training and step-up more as young men.

The “building the tribe” workshop introduced the core principles of tribes: Tribes have a purpose; Tribal members have a common identity; Tribal members share a bond and they support each other; Tribes have warriors who fight the good fight to achieve the purpose of the tribe and to protect members. These principles were explored through self-reflection, experiential processes, games and group discussion in the men’s circle where each young man was given a talking stick and had to speak their truth while the others listened.

The “tapping the inner warrior” workshop introduced them to their inner warrior – that part of their psychology that burned with energy and action and was focused on achieving an outcome with resolve. Using experiential games, the young men learnt about the 2 aspects of this energy: explosion and resilience. Explosive energy is has tremendous power but short duration and is useful to create momentum and the young men grounded this is aspects of their training and life where such an energy is useful. The resilient energy is low on power but it lasts, it enables them to hold on during times of discomfort and the young men identified applications for this in their training and life. Following these games, the men’s circle discussed how this energy might be perceived by others and the differences between girls and boys.

Finally, the “breakthrough” workshop focused on helping the young men identify what they really wanted and what they were doing to rip themselves off. Using a powerful experiential process, the young men smashed through these limiting beliefs and took hold of what they wanted. The workshop concluded with a men’s circle where they acknowledged each other with their eyes and their words.

By chris

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