Developing trust through feedback

Every conversation is in fact at least five conversations. There is the rational conversation you have in your head, the feelings conversation you have in your heart, there are the words that you say and then the corresponding interpretations in the head and the heart of the person who listens. So many different conversations and so easy for misunderstanding to occur. This workshop explored different ways of communicating, from the negative forms of gossip, collusion, criticism and judgment through to the positive forms of acknowledgment, praise and constructive feedback. Coaches experienced how the different communication forms felt in their body and the impact that words can have on one another.

Then, using the simple STAR feedback model (Situation, Task, Action and Result), they practiced giving each other constructive feedback that left the listener feeling clear about the intent and message of the communication and light in terms of how it felt in their body. Effective feedback is one of the core building blocks of trust. Trust, as Covey said, determines the speed of everything within teams and organisations.

By chris

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