Executive Assistant Roadshow

We were asked to deliver a keynote presentation at the EA/PA 2012 Roadshow for Tonkin Corporation. The event focused on the key challenges and aspects of the multi-faceted role of an Executive Assistant / Personal Assistant. The purpose of the Roadshow was to equip EA/PAs with the practical tips, tricks and knowledge needed to improve their skills and constantly add measurable value to their department. It covered first hand sessions from experienced EAs as well as leading industry and career professionals and included topical sessions on career progression, the importance of communication, time-management, corporate image and managing stress, pressure and conflict.

Our session was called, “Embracing your leadership potential: finding the middle path between leading self and leading others”. Click on the links below to read the articles that we’ve written in more depth about key topics we covered during the presentation: Acknowledging and asserting your own powerBuilding real relationshipsTrusting your inner wisdom, and Focused action and resilience.

By chris

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