Influential leadership

We are teaming up with Davidson Recruitment to deliver an EA/PA event with networking drinks and canapés followed by a leadership development session entitled Influential Leadership. This session will support EAs and PAs to gain some insights into how to lead upwards and downwards, inwards and outwards and learn the secrets to being more influential. This hands-on, inter-active session which will have participants exploring and developing real leadership skills that can be used to assist with personal, professional and career progression. Davidson Recruitment are providing this amazing professional development activity for their clients because they are committed to supporting people to find jobs that they love so that they can live happier and more fulfilled lives, so we’re proud to be a part of this.

This is a topic that we’ve delivered before for Tonkin Corporation and their EA/PA Roadshow and we’ve also written four articles that explore core values that impact upon leadership, specifically in the context of being an Executive or Personal Assistant: 1.) Personal power, 2.)Real relationships, 3.) Inner wisdom, and 4.) Focused action.

By chris

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