Athletes know that practice makes perfect
Are your athletes practising an Olympic mindset?

Athlete Potential Workshop

The APW is a one to two-day workshop specifically designed to support high-performance athletes to realise their potential. Including a cast of current and former Olympians, performance coaches and sport psychology experts, this workshop will change the way you train and compete forever.

Set good goals

Successful athletes know why. They have a clear understanding of what they are aiming for and why it matters so much. And they keep their focus here, irrespective of the noise and distraction that may surround them.

Perform under pressure

To be a champion means being able to perform under pressure. It means knowing how to get in the zone and stay in the zone. It means building effective strategies to exploit excitement and minimise nerves.

Maintain focused attention

Winning is about maintaining focused attention over time, in the face of distraction and in the context of competing goals. It's about how we breathe, what inspires us and how we talk to ourselves during key moments.

Manage energy

Great athletes take care of themselves. They know how to manage their energy so that they can give it their all when it is needed. They know good rest and recovery strategies so that they can continually grow.


Athletes who make it to the top continue to apply themselves consistently and persistently. They have a regular rhythm that they follow and they persist with this rhythm over time, irrespective of obstacles.


Champions surround themselves with a strong support network. They ask for help when they need it. They let go of ego and the concern of other people's perceptions and they do what they need to do in order to win.

I think it's very easy for people nowadays to not bother. And the fact that the team at Performance Potential care enough about people they've never met but want to help speaks volumes. Thanks very much for allowing me to be a part of this.


Performance Potential really knows how to make a difference. Their work with individual athletes and squads has helped Diving Australia and the National Talent Identification Program achieve some fantastic performance outcomes on the National stage.


Thanks for the opportunity to share my Olympic experience with some up-and-coming athletes from all ages and different sports. APW re-iterated to me how important it is to eliminate distractions, work hard and smart, focus on your goals and believe in yourself!


Athlete Potential Events

Some of our favourite photos

APW 2014

Once again, featuring Olympians Brittany Elmslie and Mitch Larkin and QLD Reds Ben Daley

APW 2013

Featuring Ben Daley, Brittany Elmslie and Mitch Larkin

APW 2012

Featuring Anna Meares, Mel Rippon, Josh Jefferis and Thomas PIchler

Athlete Potential Mentors

Awesome people with great hearts

Anna Meares


Ben Daley


Brittany Elmslie


Mitch Larkin


Josh Jefferis


Mel Rippon

Women's WaterPolo

Thomas Pichler


Chantelle Newbery


Athlete Potential Sponsors

Sponsors and Ambassadors


Athlete Potential Team

Our amazing people

Chris Ridler

Chris Ridler

Principal Facilitator


Georgia Ridler

Georgia Ridler

Principal Facilitator


Sarah Haynes

Sarah Haynes

Logistics and AV


Elise Bateman

Elise Bateman

Senior Team Leader


Dominic Dillon

Dominic Dillon

Team Leader


Naomi Berg

Naomi Berg

Team Leader


Josh Jefferis

Josh Jefferis

Team Leader


Lana McLoughlan

Lana McLoughlan

Team Leader


Darren Glase

Darren Glase

Team Leader




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