Professional Development Day

Today we ran our second professional development day for ourselves and the various associates and sub-contractors who work for and with us at the BMW business centre in Westlake. This was a great opportunity to share the expertise from a wide variety of discipline areas including: mental toughness skills and bodywork.

Georgia Ridler spoke about mental toughness skills and how high-performance athletes can utilise them to enhance training, pre-competition and competition events. In particular, she focused on Lesyk’s 9 mental skills which looks at mental skills from three levels: basic skills such as attitude, motivation, goals and commitment and people skills; preparatory skills such as self-talk and mental imagery; and performance skills such as dealing with anxiety, dealing with emotions and concentration.

Sarah-Jane Sykes spoke about bodywork and the importance of achieving alignment between mind and body for training effectiveness. In particular, she discussed how athletes can be clearer in their thoughts and feelings, values, muscles and approach to reality; lighter in their outlook on life through acceptance of self and stepping out into the world so that they can develop a stronger sense of self, purpose in life and a stronger body and spirit.

By chris

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