Setting detailed goals

High-performance athletes need to know how to set really specific goals so that they can develop effective and efficient strategies that will get them there faster. All too often, particularly with younger athletes, goals are not set with enough specificity, leaving athletes without the clarity and drive to know what to focus on. Everyone, not just high-performance athletes, needs time time to think through and refine their goals. With each reiteration, the goals become more specific, more focused and more powerful.

The workshop gave athletes the opportunity to develop first draft goal. Then they completed a number of lego building activities where the goal was vague, ambiguous and ill-defined. The insight was that it is difficult to achieve an outcome without a clear picture of what that outcome is. The athletes then developed a second draft goal which was then refined in terms of its physical and mental components. Following a group discussion, the athletes were given the opportunity to develop a final goal statement, which compared to the initial goal, demonstrated just how far they had come in their thinking and clarity.

By chris

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