IM Strategic priorities

The purpose and background to this workshop was to identify Information Management priorities across Government and seek agreement on key initiatives (and owners) in order to progress priorities in line with the Q2 strategic ICT strategic objectives, 2009-2014. To minimise debate, participants began by reflecting on their own perspective of what the priorities were and they voted on each one in order to priority. Individuals were then paired up and their goal was to arrive at consensus and develop a harmonised set of priorities. The groups of two were then combined into groups of four and then groups of eight and finally into 2 large groups which then voted for priorities as a whole.

By focusing the participants attention and thinking on consensus, rather than detail and debate, the sub-committee was able to arrive at a set of mutually agreed priorities which could then be evaluated in more detail at the subsequent sub-committee meeting in order to develop an action plan that consolidated similar projects and removed complete, redundant and/or unimportant side projects.

By chris

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