The Performance ecology

Chris January 12, 2012

I facilitated a forty-five minute open discussion with parents regarding the concepts of performance, ecology and inter-dependencies, and how all these things intersect and ultimately determine the future outcomes of the athletes. For high-performance athletes to be…

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Re-setting goals

Chris May 14, 2011

Re-setting goals can be an excellent way for high-performance athletes to shift gears and tap into new energy sources in the lead-up to competition. Sometimes however, the emphasis on goal-setting can overshadow the importance of goal…

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Performance ecology

Chris February 19, 2011

For high-performance athletes to be successful all stakeholders in the performance ecology need to have a common purpose, a shared language and they need to support each other appropriately. Parents need to understand their role within the ecology: in…

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State Clubs Championships

Chris September 11, 2010

With State Clubs Championships only a month away, this workshop for AllStar Gymnastics was designed specifically to place the male and female gymnasts in the right mental frame to focus on what was going to help them to have a…

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Developing trust through feedback

Chris February 10, 2010

Every conversation is in fact at least five conversations. There is the rational conversation you have in your head, the feelings conversation you have in your heart, there are the words that you say and then the corresponding interpretations in…

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