Influential leadership

Chris July 17, 2012

We are teaming up with Davidson Recruitment to deliver an EA/PA event with networking drinks and canapés followed by a leadership development session entitled Influential Leadership. This session will support EAs and PAs to gain some insights into…

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Real connections

Chris April 17, 2012

The second core value that women need to consider is that of belonging/connection. This part of your psychology is very much interested in belonging to something, being at one with something. Sometimes that something is a person, sometimes it…

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Executive Assistant Roadshow

Chris March 26, 2012

We were asked to deliver a keynote presentation at the EA/PA 2012 Roadshow for Tonkin Corporation. The event focused on the key challenges and aspects of the multi-faceted role of an Executive Assistant / Personal Assistant. The purpose of…

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FutureNET Young Professionals

Chris March 8, 2012

The futureNET events are designed to inspire young professionals that there is more to being a professional than just the technical aspects of their role. This keynote presentation was addressed to over 200 young professionals from a variety of professions…

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The countdown is on!

Georgia September 6, 2011

The countdown is on for year12 students and although there is excitement in the air regarding graduation and Schoolies, September is the dreaded month that QTAC preferences are due. This is the point in time where everyone starts asking, “What…

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ALIA People Power

Chris July 15, 2011

One of the big dilemmas library and information management professionals face is finding ways to stretch and broaden their thinking in order to continue to develop both personally and professionally. This has a significant impact on individual and business performance…

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Kids or no kids?

Georgia May 12, 2011

Are you thinking about having kids or wanting your kids to have kids? Women have so many choices these days, but the more recent trend for women has been to focus on establishing a career and have children later in…

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Dressing for success

Georgia October 5, 2010

Prue Leggoe is the founder of Dress for Success Brisbane, a non profit organisation that supports disadvantaged women to achieve economic independence. Dress for Success provide women with professional attire, support and career tools that empower them to step forward…

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