In service vs In purpose

Chris April 17, 2012

Over Easter we went camping in Coloundra, only 200 metres from the crash of waves and rust of shipwreck. Like most campers, we brought with us the usual accoutrements: tent, tarpaulin, ropes, poles, mats, etc. Over several hours we crafted…

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The countdown is on!

Georgia September 6, 2011

The countdown is on for year12 students and although there is excitement in the air regarding graduation and Schoolies, September is the dreaded month that QTAC preferences are due. This is the point in time where everyone starts asking, “What…

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Kids or no kids?

Georgia May 12, 2011

Are you thinking about having kids or wanting your kids to have kids? Women have so many choices these days, but the more recent trend for women has been to focus on establishing a career and have children later in…

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The game of opportunity

Chris April 20, 2011

Success in high-performance sport, and indeed in life in general is very much a game of opportunity. We are all presented with opportunities every day, the questions are, however, are we aware of them and are we taking advantage…

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Taking a leap into 2011

Georgia February 10, 2011

The new year has started! Will it be the same as 2010? Or will it be different? Will it be a year of greatness, or a year of mediocrity? If you are not sure, then this is the event for…

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