Think your way to success

Georgia October 7, 2012

How often do we get a chance to have an intimate Oprah-style conversation with a very successful woman? Not often. Typically we are kept at a distance and just given a few tips, but not at Women’s Potential…

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Athletes choking

Georgia July 24, 2012

Georgia discusses how choking is a culmination of errors where athletes can’t bounce back because their focus turns to what went wrong, what they did wrong and past mistakes and failures. They lose focus on what they did and…

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Keeping fit interview

Georgia September 10, 2011

It is the 15th Bridge to Brisbane fun run tomorrow and organisers are expecting 50,000 competitors. After the race is over, how do you make sure the running shoes don’t stay in the cupboard until next year? Listen…

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Mental toughness

Chris August 29, 2011

Mental toughness is about identifying and using particular mental strategies in order to remain focused on what’s important so that people can pursue excellence. This 1 hour presentation to the Business Improvement in Government (BiiG) forum explored mental toughness…

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Holding your focus

Chris August 4, 2011

One of the most common challenges that athletes face is maintaining focus. High-performance athletes know that they have to stay focused, but the question is, focused on what specifically? Competitions are an ocean of distraction for the untrained and…

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Setting detailed goals

Chris June 24, 2011

High-performance athletes need to know how to set really specific goals so that they can develop effective and efficient strategies that will get them there faster. All too often, particularly with younger athletes, goals are not set with enough…

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Junior World Championships

Chris May 16, 2011

Competition preparation is critical to the success of high-performance athletes. According to Jack J. Lesyk, Ph.D., creator of the “The Nine Mental Skills of Successful Athletes”, competition preparation occupies the middle section of the mental skills pyramid, and…

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Re-setting goals

Chris May 14, 2011

Re-setting goals can be an excellent way for high-performance athletes to shift gears and tap into new energy sources in the lead-up to competition. Sometimes however, the emphasis on goal-setting can overshadow the importance of goal…

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State Clubs Championships

Chris September 11, 2010

With State Clubs Championships only a month away, this workshop for AllStar Gymnastics was designed specifically to place the male and female gymnasts in the right mental frame to focus on what was going to help them to have a…

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Coping with feedback

Chris August 27, 2010

This workshop was to support Diving Australia divers preparing for Junior Worlds, particularly in the context of managing feedback from their coach, other divers, judges (including their scores) and parents. All too often, high-performance athletes can allow themselves to…

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