Think your way to success

Georgia October 7, 2012

How often do we get a chance to have an intimate Oprah-style conversation with a very successful woman? Not often. Typically we are kept at a distance and just given a few tips, but not at Women’s Potential…

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Put pen to paper

Georgia July 1, 2012

We have all experienced days when our plate is full. When we have so much on our to-do-list that we don’t know where to start. This often leads us to feel overwhelmed. Why? Well, our working memory…

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Change is in the air

Georgia August 11, 2011

Change is in the air . . . . and opportunities are abundant! It is an exciting time for women who are prepared to embrace change. Come listen to Barb’s story and learn how she is creating success and happiness…

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The game of opportunity

Chris April 20, 2011

Success in high-performance sport, and indeed in life in general is very much a game of opportunity. We are all presented with opportunities every day, the questions are, however, are we aware of them and are we taking advantage…

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Taking a leap into 2011

Georgia February 10, 2011

The new year has started! Will it be the same as 2010? Or will it be different? Will it be a year of greatness, or a year of mediocrity? If you are not sure, then this is the event for…

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Building the tribe

Chris January 19, 2011

Building a supportive, effective and powerful tribe is so important for young people today. Why? A tribe is a group of people connected to an idea, connected to a leader and connected to each other. Connection is arguably the ultimate…

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Putting myself out there

Georgia September 21, 2010

Stacey Umeh is an inspiring woman whose attitude and enthusiasm leaves an imprint. She is a highly acclaimed choreographer and creative movement specialist working with international gymnastics, synchronised swimming, dance, and figure skating athletes across the USA, Japan, Canada, and…

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