Coaching using feedback tools

Chris August 16, 2013

In this interview with Chris Burton from Team Management Systems about how feedback tools such as the QO2 profile assist with determining key coaching processes such as readiness to change, goal setting, goal attainment and rapport building. The QO2 tool…

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Coaching vs feedback

Chris February 16, 2012

This month’s coaching community of practice workshop was a refresher for the 2011 cohort. We revised the GROW coaching process, the COACH conversational model and the importance of being mindful of the positions we take as coaches in regards…

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Coping with feedback

Chris August 27, 2010

This workshop was to support Diving Australia divers preparing for Junior Worlds, particularly in the context of managing feedback from their coach, other divers, judges (including their scores) and parents. All too often, high-performance athletes can allow themselves to…

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Developing trust through feedback

Chris February 10, 2010

Every conversation is in fact at least five conversations. There is the rational conversation you have in your head, the feelings conversation you have in your heart, there are the words that you say and then the corresponding interpretations in…

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