Student leaders program

Chris August 10, 2012

The Student leaders program 2012 was designed for student representatives from SBIT and was focused on supporting them to develop rapport and inter-personal skills in order to influence others, explore and understand how personal differences impact upon engagement and…

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Innovating leaders

Chris July 10, 2012

Tatts Group was looking to: support a small group of high-potential employees to develop the leadership skills that would enable them to positively impact on the future of Tatts Group; further develop their innovation, problem-solving and decision-making…

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Coaching for potential

Chris February 17, 2012

The 2012 Southbank Institute of Technology Coaching for Potential Program kicked off in January with a full-day workshop that introduced over 22 participants from the to basic coaching theory, models and processes. The workshop was highly experiential, with participants…

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Coaching vs feedback

Chris February 16, 2012

This month’s coaching community of practice workshop was a refresher for the 2011 cohort. We revised the GROW coaching process, the COACH conversational model and the importance of being mindful of the positions we take as coaches in regards…

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Managing stress

Georgia December 2, 2011

Colonial First State approached us to run the monthly Women’s Potential Network in-house as the Women’s Leadership Lounge for senior staff. The workshop was themed around the concept of supporting High-performing women to refuel, relabel, reframe…

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Coaching and mentoring

Chris October 14, 2011

This month’s coaching and mentoring community of practice workshop (Southbank Institute of Technology) completed the process of completion of the program with participants undertaking a group assessment exercise using a combination of group coaching, meta-processing, role-playing and…

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First time for everything

Georgia October 13, 2011

This month it’s our 1st Birthday!!! To celebrate, we have invited Chantelle Newbery OAM – 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist to join us as our Guest Mentor. Come share her journey of striving for the elusive gold after the birth of…

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Reflect and review

Chris September 9, 2011

This month’s coaching and mentoring community of practice workshop commenced the process of completion and transition as the program approaches its conclusion. Participants were asked to reflect on how far they had come since February and where they were…

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ATSIS Team development

Chris September 7, 2011

This full day workshop focused on supporting the Mt. Isa team to develop a stronger understanding of their work preferences so that they could develop a common purpose and shared vision that would support them going forward. Utilising theories and…

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Support my performance

Chris April 15, 2011

This month’s coaching and mentoring community of practice workshop commenced with a debrief of the support myPERFORMANCE worksheet which asked coachees to reflect on the different ways that they may need to be supported by others in order to…

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Coaching for Educational Managers

Chris February 18, 2011

This full-day workshop introduced Educational Managers from the Southbank Institute of Technology to basic coaching and mentoring theory, models and processes in order to support their work as mentors to junior teaching staff within the Institute. The workshop was…

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End of Project debrief

Chris August 19, 2010

The purpose of this workshop was to allow the Abbot’s Point project team, Department of Infrastructure and Planning to debrief the closure of a two-year project that had been simultaneously rewarding and challenging. The workshop was designed to…

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