Reward the right performance

Chris March 9, 2016

Most managers focus on their staff’s performance in the context of technical tasks performed that lead to defined outputs. And let’s face it, there’s nothing particularly wrong with that. The problem is when managers only pay attention…

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APW team training

Chris July 22, 2012

Today we ran our first team training day for the Athlete Potential Workshop being held in October. The Athlete Potential Workshop features 4 Australian Olympians: Anna Meares, Mel Rippon, Josh Jefferis and Thomas Pichler and is designed to support teenage…

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Who is in control?

Georgia July 6, 2012

Do I control my emotions or do my emotions control me? Many women attest to the fact that they feel controlled by their emotions at times, particularly when under pressure. With increasing pressures, financial constraints and constant deadlines in business…

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