Athletes choking

Georgia July 24, 2012

Georgia discusses how choking is a culmination of errors where athletes can’t bounce back because their focus turns to what went wrong, what they did wrong and past mistakes and failures. They lose focus on what they did and…

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Personal power

Chris March 26, 2012

Everyone has a part of their psychology intimately interested in power, status, control and order. As social beings, we typically define our own level power in comparison with others. We are continually scanning the people around us to determine and…

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Keeping fit interview

Georgia September 10, 2011

It is the 15th Bridge to Brisbane fun run tomorrow and organisers are expecting 50,000 competitors. After the race is over, how do you make sure the running shoes don’t stay in the cupboard until next year? Listen…

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The power of gratitude

Georgia September 8, 2011

From hardship to gratitude – please join us for Lien Smith’s amazing story. Follow her path filled with strength, courage and perseverance that helped her survive a treacherous journey – something that life had never prepared her for. Be touched by…

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Boys development camp

Chris January 10, 2011

This three phase development camp for the NTID program of Diving Australia consisted of three workshops: Building the tribe, tapping the inner warrior and Breakthrough. The camp was made up entirely of boys aged 9 – 14 and the focus…

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How powerful are we

Georgia November 23, 2010

Naomi Berg will share with us how powerful women really are. This event will truly inspire you to explore how your body and mind can become your powerhouse to success. As co-owner of Integral Fitness, Naomi is passionate about…

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Putting myself out there

Georgia September 21, 2010

Stacey Umeh is an inspiring woman whose attitude and enthusiasm leaves an imprint. She is a highly acclaimed choreographer and creative movement specialist working with international gymnastics, synchronised swimming, dance, and figure skating athletes across the USA, Japan, Canada, and…

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