The Performance Ecology: personal excellence

Chris May 3, 2014

In order for individuals to excel, teams to be effective and organisations to be capable, there needs to be a sustainable performance ecology. If any one of these elements is not developed, the ecology (just as in the environmental sense…

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Break your inner glass ceiling

Georgia August 30, 2013

Ever feel like there is more you can achieve? That you are selling yourself short in the game of life? Then this is the event for you! Many women talk about the glass ceiling as if it is an external…

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Student leaders program

Chris August 10, 2012

The Student leaders program 2012 was designed for student representatives from SBIT and was focused on supporting them to develop rapport and inter-personal skills in order to influence others, explore and understand how personal differences impact upon engagement and…

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Influential leadership

Chris July 17, 2012

We are teaming up with Davidson Recruitment to deliver an EA/PA event with networking drinks and canapés followed by a leadership development session entitled Influential Leadership. This session will support EAs and PAs to gain some insights into…

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Focused action

Chris June 10, 2012

Focused action: leadership strategies for high-performance women (Part 4) Finally, everyone has a part of their psychology intimately interested in action, duty, significance. This part of our psychology is where things get done, where boundaries are set, where we…

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