Executive Potential

Chris August 29, 2012

The executive leadership team at MSIT were looking to better position themselves and consolidate their strengths in preparation for a significant organisational change that could include amalgamation. Their goal was to position themselves as strong, cohesive executive team that could…

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Psychology of innovation

Chris May 1, 2012

Innovation is born from deep tensions within our psychology, tensions between opposing desires of control and freedom, significance and integrity. When these forces are out of balance, true madness ensures, but not the type of madness that engenders innovation. Innovation…

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Senior Leadership Group

Chris October 11, 2011

I have facilitated 2 x 3 hour workshops for the Senior Leadership Group of Metropolitan-South Institute of TAFE, which focused on supporting their thinking around a significant change management issue that is going to impact the Institute over the…

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Mental toughness

Chris August 29, 2011

Mental toughness is about identifying and using particular mental strategies in order to remain focused on what’s important so that people can pursue excellence. This 1 hour presentation to the Business Improvement in Government (BiiG) forum explored mental toughness…

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The Leadership Lounge

Chris June 10, 2011

Archetypal leadership is nothing new. In fact, it is the oldest philosophical approach to leadership there is – common across cultures, continents and languages. We use it every day when we talk about the “tyrant” manager, the young executive who…

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IM Strategic priorities

Chris March 9, 2011

The purpose and background to this workshop was to identify Information Management priorities across Government and seek agreement on key initiatives (and owners) in order to progress priorities in line with the Q2 strategic ICT strategic objectives, 2009-2014. To…

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