Who is in control?

Georgia July 6, 2012

Do I control my emotions or do my emotions control me? Many women attest to the fact that they feel controlled by their emotions at times, particularly when under pressure. With increasing pressures, financial constraints and constant deadlines in business…

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Focused action

Chris June 10, 2012

Focused action: leadership strategies for high-performance women (Part 4) Finally, everyone has a part of their psychology intimately interested in action, duty, significance. This part of our psychology is where things get done, where boundaries are set, where we…

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High performance strategies

Georgia May 4, 2012

Some business women thrive under pressure. Others wilt. The same goes for high performing athletes. Is the reason all in their heads? One sleepless night, one lapse in concentration, or one moment of doubt can lead to a slower reaction…

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Goal-setting and goal-getting

Chris January 12, 2012

As part of the 2012 National talent ID camp for Diving Australia, we ran two workshops: goal-setting and goal-getting. Goal-setting and goal-getting are the complementary halves of the success process and they require different states and…

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Managing stress

Georgia December 2, 2011

Colonial First State approached us to run the monthly Women’s Potential Network in-house as the Women’s Leadership Lounge for senior staff. The workshop was themed around the concept of supporting High-performing women to refuel, relabel, reframe…

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The power of gratitude

Georgia September 8, 2011

From hardship to gratitude – please join us for Lien Smith’s amazing story. Follow her path filled with strength, courage and perseverance that helped her survive a treacherous journey – something that life had never prepared her for. Be touched by…

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Mental toughness

Chris August 29, 2011

Mental toughness is about identifying and using particular mental strategies in order to remain focused on what’s important so that people can pursue excellence. This 1 hour presentation to the Business Improvement in Government (BiiG) forum explored mental toughness…

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Holding your focus

Chris August 4, 2011

One of the most common challenges that athletes face is maintaining focus. High-performance athletes know that they have to stay focused, but the question is, focused on what specifically? Competitions are an ocean of distraction for the untrained and…

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Boys development camp

Chris January 10, 2011

This three phase development camp for the NTID program of Diving Australia consisted of three workshops: Building the tribe, tapping the inner warrior and Breakthrough. The camp was made up entirely of boys aged 9 – 14 and the focus…

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Coping with feedback

Chris August 27, 2010

This workshop was to support Diving Australia divers preparing for Junior Worlds, particularly in the context of managing feedback from their coach, other divers, judges (including their scores) and parents. All too often, high-performance athletes can allow themselves to…

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