Break your inner glass ceiling

Georgia August 30, 2013

Ever feel like there is more you can achieve? That you are selling yourself short in the game of life? Then this is the event for you! Many women talk about the glass ceiling as if it is an external…

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Athletes choking

Georgia July 24, 2012

Georgia discusses how choking is a culmination of errors where athletes can’t bounce back because their focus turns to what went wrong, what they did wrong and past mistakes and failures. They lose focus on what they did and…

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Personal power

Chris March 26, 2012

Everyone has a part of their psychology intimately interested in power, status, control and order. As social beings, we typically define our own level power in comparison with others. We are continually scanning the people around us to determine and…

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Managing stress

Georgia December 2, 2011

Colonial First State approached us to run the monthly Women’s Potential Network in-house as the Women’s Leadership Lounge for senior staff. The workshop was themed around the concept of supporting High-performing women to refuel, relabel, reframe…

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First time for everything

Georgia October 13, 2011

This month it’s our 1st Birthday!!! To celebrate, we have invited Chantelle Newbery OAM – 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist to join us as our Guest Mentor. Come share her journey of striving for the elusive gold after the birth of…

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Keeping fit interview

Georgia September 10, 2011

It is the 15th Bridge to Brisbane fun run tomorrow and organisers are expecting 50,000 competitors. After the race is over, how do you make sure the running shoes don’t stay in the cupboard until next year? Listen…

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The game of opportunity

Chris April 20, 2011

Success in high-performance sport, and indeed in life in general is very much a game of opportunity. We are all presented with opportunities every day, the questions are, however, are we aware of them and are we taking advantage…

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Building the tribe

Chris January 19, 2011

Building a supportive, effective and powerful tribe is so important for young people today. Why? A tribe is a group of people connected to an idea, connected to a leader and connected to each other. Connection is arguably the ultimate…

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Boys development camp

Chris January 10, 2011

This three phase development camp for the NTID program of Diving Australia consisted of three workshops: Building the tribe, tapping the inner warrior and Breakthrough. The camp was made up entirely of boys aged 9 – 14 and the focus…

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Dressing for success

Georgia October 5, 2010

Prue Leggoe is the founder of Dress for Success Brisbane, a non profit organisation that supports disadvantaged women to achieve economic independence. Dress for Success provide women with professional attire, support and career tools that empower them to step forward…

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State Clubs Championships

Chris September 11, 2010

With State Clubs Championships only a month away, this workshop for AllStar Gymnastics was designed specifically to place the male and female gymnasts in the right mental frame to focus on what was going to help them to have a…

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