Influential leadership

Chris July 17, 2012

We are teaming up with Davidson Recruitment to deliver an EA/PA event with networking drinks and canapés followed by a leadership development session entitled Influential Leadership. This session will support EAs and PAs to gain some insights into…

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Focused action

Chris June 10, 2012

Focused action: leadership strategies for high-performance women (Part 4) Finally, everyone has a part of their psychology intimately interested in action, duty, significance. This part of our psychology is where things get done, where boundaries are set, where we…

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Executive Assistant Roadshow

Chris March 26, 2012

We were asked to deliver a keynote presentation at the EA/PA 2012 Roadshow for Tonkin Corporation. The event focused on the key challenges and aspects of the multi-faceted role of an Executive Assistant / Personal Assistant. The purpose of…

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Archetypal coaching

Chris July 8, 2011

This month’s coaching and mentoring community of practice workshop utilised experiential process to unpack the insights and learnings around the Archetypal Leadership model, particularly in terms of the Warrior archetype and the setting of boundaries. One of the core…

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