Team building

Chris December 9, 2011

BRIEF: Team building activities as part of a planning day for the University of Queensland International Office – Admissions. PURPOSE: The purpose of this workshop was to create opportunities for participants to get to know each other, create opportunities for creative…

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ATSIS Team development

Chris September 7, 2011

This full day workshop focused on supporting the Mt. Isa team to develop a stronger understanding of their work preferences so that they could develop a common purpose and shared vision that would support them going forward. Utilising theories and…

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The Leadership Lounge

Chris June 10, 2011

Archetypal leadership is nothing new. In fact, it is the oldest philosophical approach to leadership there is – common across cultures, continents and languages. We use it every day when we talk about the “tyrant” manager, the young executive who…

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Team development workshop

Chris April 15, 2011

The Office of the Coordinator-General, Department of Infrastructure and Planning engaged us to support their senior leadership team. The goals for this workshop were to: enable participants to develop stronger role clarity and understanding of the inter-relationships between…

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