FutureNET Young Professionals

Chris March 8, 2012

The futureNET events are designed to inspire young professionals that there is more to being a professional than just the technical aspects of their role. This keynote presentation was addressed to over 200 young professionals from a variety of professions…

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Senior Leadership Group

Chris October 11, 2011

I have facilitated 2 x 3 hour workshops for the Senior Leadership Group of Metropolitan-South Institute of TAFE, which focused on supporting their thinking around a significant change management issue that is going to impact the Institute over the…

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Archetypal leadership

Chris August 30, 2011

This workshop was designed and delivered for the annual staff forum for the Department of Environment and Resource Management and focused on providing staff, managers and executives with a new way of looking at their interactions, leadership styles, all around…

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ALIA People Power

Chris July 15, 2011

One of the big dilemmas library and information management professionals face is finding ways to stretch and broaden their thinking in order to continue to develop both personally and professionally. This has a significant impact on individual and business performance…

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