Team development workshop


The Office of the Coordinator-General, Department of Infrastructure and Planning engaged us to support their senior leadership team. The goals for this workshop were to: enable participants to develop stronger role clarity and understanding of the inter-relationships between roles within the team and broader line of sight; support participants to identify strategies for building capability across both the policy and project domains, potentially through internal coaching and mentoring; and enhance relationships within the team by developing self awareness and awareness of others, particularly in terms of work preferences.

Through the use of customised workbooks, group discussion, experiential process and team management theory, the workshop covered a wide range of challenges that the team faced, including: how to provide junior staff with the opportunity to learn from senior staff in a way that allowed them to make mistakes and learn, and ensured that they remained committed and accountable to completing the work; the need for individuals to to take responsibility for how they prefer to work and the impact that this has on others; developing a common purpose and shared vision; changing the team focus away from what is not working and what is not ideal about the current work situation to what is working, what could be better and what they could do to enhance the work situation; how people need to be supported so that they can perform at their best and how to communicate this to others; and how people might go about coaching and mentoring each other using their respective work preferences, content knowledge and strengths.
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