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Today we ran our first Athlete Potential team development day in preparation for the Athlete Potential Workshop being held in October. The Athlete Potential Workshop features 4 Australian Olympians: Anna Meares, Mel Rippon, Josh Jefferis and Thomas Pichler and is designed to support teenage athletes develop confidence, mental skills, resilience, confidence and courage and receive hands-on mentoring from 4 high-performance athletes.

Over 60 athletes from a variety of disciplines including swimming, ice-skating, gymnastics, diving, football, surf life saving, BMX and martial arts will be coming together to learn key mental skills: focused around training mindset, getting the zone, focus and concentration, and going for it during high-pressure moments.

The core part of the team training was focused around building the team, developing relationships between members who had not met each other before and introducing them to underlying concepts upon which the Athlete Potential Workshop is built. The next step in the athlete potential team development is to practice the main experiential games so that the team is aware of the challenges the athletes will face and can coach them through the process.

The athlete potential workshop is delivered in conjunction with SportPsychQLD.

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