Breaking your inner glass ceiling

Ever feel like there is more you can achieve? That you are selling yourself short in the game of life? Then this is the event for you! Many women talk about the glass ceiling as if it is an external imposition, but few of us stop to look within at our own personal glass ceiling. We are in a time where women have the opportunity to realise their potential, but in order to do so we must face the truth that there are some glass ceilings in our lives that must be shattered.

This August, set yourself free to express your gifts, talents and abilities at the Women’s Potential life class. Explore the foundation of your glass ceiling, it’s purpose and it’s hold on you. And most importantly, learn some powerful strategies that will enable you to break through your inner glass ceiling! Join us at the gorgeous UQ Customs House for a refreshing morning of personal and professional development.

Imagine . . . FEELING FREE TO SHINE. Imagine . . . HAVING MORE OF WHAT YOU WANT. Imagine . . . SEEING WHAT OTHERS CAN SEE IN YOU. At Women’s Potential, we do things differently! This is not your standard seminar. This is a life class. A space where you can: Learn the truth behind the female success mindset, Grow by sharing your learnings and Connect with like-minded women from all walks of life.

Why are women important to us?

The demands on women to sustain high performance day in and day out, year in and year out is on the increase. There is constant pressure to perform at our best as business owners, mothers, career professionals, wives, sisters and daughters! The trouble is we rarely stop and look at how we are doing life. Instead we push to exhaustion from meeting to meeting, seminar to seminar and task to task. And in order to appear in control and successful, we put on the “superwoman” mask to survive. At Women’s Potential we are not interested in women just surviving. We are interested in women thriving. The time has come to learn from high performance experts on how to thrive in the high performance world of business and life, and truly live your best life.

Women’s Potential mission

The Women’s Potential mission is to provide women with high performance strategies that enhance their personal and professional leadership. Our seminars, retreats and coaching sessions are backed by brain-based research and high performance science, and provide women with crucial strategies on how to break through our limiting beliefs and achieve our best.

Who is Women’s Potential?

Women’s Potential is led by Georgia Ridler, one of Australia’s top Performance Psychologists. Georgia has worked with Olympic Gold medalists and has recently been appointed as the Head Psychologist for the Australian Swimming Team. Her successful style incorporates sport psychology, career coaching, personal empowerment, and self-leadership. Her facilitation style is engaging and experiential, and encourages people to step towards their potential. Women’s Potential is supported by Business Development Manager, Tanya Bartolini. Tanya brings more than 13 years experience in Accounting and Finance with 6 of those years spent in corporate Business Development. Tanya who is now owner of The Everyday Cook Network understands all too well the challenges that females face both personal and professional in the small business and corporate world.

Who should attend Women’s Potential

Every woman! Whether you are an executive, full-time mum, career professional or athlete, this life class will have many learnings. You will be inspired and leave with tools that will help you transform your life for the future you deserve. Don’t miss this amazing event!

By Georgia

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