Re-setting goals

Re-setting goals can be an excellent way for high-performance athletes to shift gears and tap into new energy sources in the lead-up to competition. Sometimes however, the emphasis on goal-setting can overshadow the importance of goal-getting. Goal-setting and goal-getting are the complementary halves of success performances – however, they require different mental states. Really effective goal-setting is about visioning (creatively) and strategising (analytically) – when the two are in alignment, effective goals are created. Goal-getting is about fire and determination: two different aspects of the same energy. One is explosive, the other is resilient.

The workshop commenced with a story-telling approach that enabled the gymnasts to visually construct, hear and act-out goal-setting and goal-getting, so that they could discern the differences. Then they were broken into groups to identify the advantages and disadvantages of both. Their learning was that both are complementary skill sets, necessary for success. Following this they undertook a goal-setting visualisation and completed a simple visual diagram that mapped their goals leading up to the competition.

By chris

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