Coaching and mentoring

This month’s coaching and mentoring community of practice workshop (Southbank Institute of Technology) completed the process of completion of the program with participants undertaking a group assessment exercise using a combination of group coaching, meta-processing, role-playing and self-reflection activities. Once again, participants were asked to reflect on how far they had come since February and where they were in relation to their ideal future as a coach/mentor/leader. Through debriefing of their homework, there were many powerful insights such as the benefits of having a community of like-minded professional peers that can provide support and guidance around leadership, coaching and team development.

It has been an amazing journey, working with this group of dedicated and open managers and I know that Southbank Institute of Technology is much stronger and more resilient because of their awareness and efforts. It is a great example of how leadership coaching within the context of team development can be so powerful.

By chris

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