Reflect and review

This month’s coaching and mentoring community of practice workshop commenced the process of completion and transition as the program approaches its conclusion. Participants were asked to reflect on how far they had come since February and where they were in relation to their ideal future as a coach/mentor/leader. Just placing themselves on a line around these questions enabled some powerful insights and an exploratory conversation about growth and development. Participants were asked to identify what has been the core learning or insight that has been the most beneficial and then what was the next action they had to perform in order to move themselves more powerfully down the line to their ideal future.

For their homework tasks, buddies coached each other to gain clarity around where they were right now, 1 coaching/mentoring/leadership goal that will take them beyond the program, and develop a set of strategies and actions that would enable them to take small, manageable steps. The buddy process ensures that they keep each other accountable.

As the saying goes, there is a beginning, a middle and another beginning…

By chris

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