Support my performance

This month’s coaching and mentoring community of practice workshop commenced with a debrief of the support myPERFORMANCE worksheet which asked coachees to reflect on the different ways that they may need to be supported by others in order to be successful. The questions were organised according to around Jungian archetypes as these represent the four core aspects of identity and being. Coachees also reflected on the level of difficulty they experienced asking for support in the way that they needed, which again revealed inner psychological barriers and limiting beliefs. This exercise was critical to their role as coaches and mentors as one of the fundamental challenges they will be supporting others with is managing limiting beliefs and asking for support in order to enhance performance and realise potential.

The group then participated in a sequential group coaching process where I meta-processed with them so that they could embed their learning on multiple layers. Group coaching is particularly powerful because the coachee is exposed to a wide range of interpretations and questions, which forces them to stretch their thinking, particularly in terms of options. Simultaneously, it is a challenging process that can easily dissolve into tangential discussions. It is particularly invaluable for coaches as they get exposed to different lines of questioning and thinking.

By chris

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