Harvest your potential

This workshop commenced with a debrief of the Harvest myPOTENTIAL worksheet where coachees had to fill out three A4 pages of their achievements. This is an interesting process for coachees to undertake because it strikes to the heart of their thinking about what an “achievement” is, what limiting beliefs they might have around achievements and how others might perceive them and how this impacts upon their self-image and feelings of self-worth. This is particularly important for coaches to understand as coachees often present with low self-image and/or with a constrained perception of what their achievements have been. Such a process is closely linked with internal processes such as identifying strength and preferences and external processes such as gratitudes and blessings.

Following the debrief, coachees participated in a organic group coaching process where coaches could ask the coachee questions in any particular order. I meta-facilitated the process and helped guide them through identifying the current dilemma, exploring the vision of what the coachee wanted and possible options and strategies for getting there. This is a difficult process for the coachee as they are fielding questions from multiple perspectives, however it is very rewarding for coaches to hear other perspectives and allow themselves to set their agenda aside and follow the flow of the conversation.

By chris

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