Coaching for potential

The 2012 Southbank Institute of Technology Coaching for Potential Program kicked off in January with a full-day workshop that introduced over 22 participants from the to basic coaching theory, models and processes. The workshop was highly experiential, with participants spending the majority of the time practicing with partners, in trios and in groups with the last part of the workshop devoted to each participants building awareness around what they want to change over the next 10 months.

The workshop was built on the competency framework developed by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). The conversational model used as developed by us and is called COACH – a powerful conversational model, not just for coaching conversations, but for everyday interactions. The coaching process that participants followed was the tried and true GROW model (Goals, current Reality, Options and Will). Drawing on perceptual positions exercises from NLP, participants practiced and observed others and experienced what it is like to coach and be coached.

Each participants received a myPOTENTIAL journal – a self-reflective coaching journal that we have spent the last 6 months lovingly building. It is crafted from the very best in sport and positive psychology, coaching and mentoring theory, personal and professional development practices and action learning. With a private LinkedIn group to support interaction, allocated buddies for practice and learning, growth-work and journal exercises, participants are in for an amazing, transformational 10 months. 6 more interactive workshops will take place over this period to ensure that participants continue to build on their skills, learnings and insights and realise their potential in leadership and life.

The program then consisted of 6 group coaching sessions conducted over the 10 month period where coaches could practice specific coaching conversations as well as gain exposure to a variety of different coaching approaches, including laser coaching, experiential coaching, psychodrama and performance coaching.

Laser coaching sessions were also made available to all staff at SBIT. These half hour sessions enabled employees to focus in on specific dilemmas, goals and thinking processes in order to gain forward movement, in whatever form that took.

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