Emotional control and high-performance

Do I control my emotions or do my emotions control me? Many women attest to the fact that they feel controlled by their emotions at times, particularly when under pressure. With increasing pressures, financial constraints and constant deadlines in business and life,  it becomes challenging to manage our own emotions let alone those of our team. So what do we need to be mindful of? Emotional control and high-performance are key areas of leadership development.

There are a wide range of emotions that people experience, some are supportive and ignite our energy, while others are not supportive and drain energy. Over time feelings of resentment, frustration, anger and fear can be literally toxic elevating our heart rate and blood pressure, increasing muscle tension and ultimately hindering our performance. Now you might be thinking “well I don’t perform!”, but in actual fact you do. Performance can be as simple as holding a staff meeting, having a performance conversation with a team member, public speaking and customer service. In order to deliver our best, we need to be in our ideal performance state.

One way we can take control of our emotions is to change the movie that we are playing in our mind. We are often very good a making negative movies where the experience and the outcome are not in our favour. So who is making these type of movies???? You. It’s plain and simple. You. So why not try something different today, and when confronted with a challenging situation choose to create a supportive movie where you have the outcome your are wanting! Not only will you have a brighter day, but you may be surprised by the outcomes too!

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By Georgia

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