Executive Leadership Team Potential

The executive leadership team at MSIT were looking to develop the executive team’s team potential and consolidate their strengths in preparation for a significant organisational change that could include amalgamation. Their vision was to foster a strong, cohesive executive team that could take MSIT positively forward into the future. They knew that in order to achieve this, that they had to develop stronger engagement in the MSIT leadership agenda and support leaders to fully articulate the business unit’s and organisation’s leadership vision. They also wanted to better manage change on a personal and professional level and better deal with the competing demands of strategic and operational environments. This meant embedding a coaching philosophy and approach into daily management practices in order to enhance personal, professional and organisational performance. Lastly, they knew that if they could create a stronger alignment and engagement between the executive and middle management, then they could drive a more cohesive and integrated approach to cultural change.

To enable this, we designed and are currently delivering a 12-month executive potential program that drew on theoretical frameworks from Sport and Performance Psychology, contemporary neuroscience and neuro-leadership, performance ecology, archetypal leadership, Lencioni’s 5 dysfunctions of teams, and positive and coaching psychology comprised of diagnostic profiling, reporting and individual and group debriefs, intensive orientation workshop, mid-way and completion workshops, executive group coaching, self-reflective practice through a personal development journal and experiential process including psychodrama.

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By chris

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