Feedback tools support coaching

In this interview with Chris Burton from Team Management Systems, Chris Ridler talks about how feedback tools support coaching, particularly how the the QO2 profile tool assists with a variety of core coaching themes. Readiness to change, expectation of success and risk orientation are significant factors that play out for coaches throughout any coaching engagement. The QO2 tool explores these and much more, and provides coachees with a strengths-based model to help them explore how their orientations play out in real-world situations.

The QO2 tool also supports explorative coaching conversations around how pessimism and optimism impact upon the way coachees think about themselves and their goals, and how the ability to generate multiple pathways assists with goal attainment. The sub-scales also provide useful concepts for team conversations around performance, visioning and goal-setting. Feedback tools support coaching conversations by providing the groundwork and the foundation of where the coaches is at, their current reality. Coaching can then support the client to interrogate this, explore it, and potentially create a new future.

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