High Performance Emotional intelligence

On Monday night we hosted our 2nd Women’s Potential Seminar for 2012. Such a range of women attended this event, from the mining industry to the fitness industry, from business owners to employees, and from lawyers to pharmacists. In talking about emotion, we explored the science of the brain and the mind-body connection and how corporate leaders can use high-performance emotional intelligence strategies used by athletes.

You see, it is easy to forget that we have a brain and that it’s purpose is to collect data and send relevant messages throughout our body and back to the brain. When we are faced with a high stress situation, we typically receive some physical signals (physiological symptoms) and some mental messages (automatic unsupportive thoughts). In most cases the automatic mental messages tell us that we facing real threat and that we don’t have the resources to deal with it. But what if we didn’t buy-in to these mental messages? What if we simply acknowledged them, took a deep breath and then listened to our truth? What impact would this have on our emotion and our performance?

This was the core of our learning and sharing on Monday night. It was thought provoking, challenging and inspiring to consider how much control we really do have in high pressure situations. Each woman walked away armed with personal insights, practical strategies and professional connections.

With only 3 exclusive seminar events held each year, the Women’s Potential Seminars present a new way for corporate women to harness their potential! While other seminars focus on teaching technical skills, we focus on teaching you high performance strategies. From years of working with high performance athletes, we have recognised that corporate success is dependent on the same foundations as sporting success. 1.) Maximising high performance energy. 2.) Managing high performance emotion, and 3.) Maintaining high performance thinking.

By Georgia

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