High performance strategies

Some business women thrive under pressure. Others wilt. The same goes for high performing athletes. Is the reason all in their heads? One sleepless night, one lapse in concentration, or one moment of doubt can lead to a slower reaction time and be the difference between making the Olympic team or not. Such high pressure situations require physical, mental and emotional strength to handle the demands of high performance. The demands on business leaders to sustain high performance day in and day out, year in and year out are no different to athletes. With mounting deadlines, increased competition and rapid change it is more important than ever to consistently perform at our best. The difference is that athletes spend 70% of their time training in order to perform at their peak, whereas business leaders spend 70% of their time trying to perform at their peak with only minimal high performance training. To learn the secrets of performing at your best under pressure, come listen to Georgia Ridler – Australia’s leading women’s high performance expert.

Join us for an inspiring and informative morning with like-minded business women: http://womenspotential-may-2012.eventbrite.com.au/

REFRESHMENTS: Refreshments will be provided upon entry at 9:30am.

By Georgia

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