Innovating leaders

Tatts Group was looking to: support a small group of high-potential employees to develop the leadership skills that would enable them to positively impact on the future of Tatts Group; further develop their innovation, problem-solving and decision-making capabilities through exploring the psychology of innovation, innovation strategies and thinking models; provide individuals with the opportunity to workshop an idea in “real-time”, identified in collaboration with the senior executive; and develop a suite of “valuable concepts” that could then be developed and refined through a business case process with the goal of them being presented to senior executive as robust ideas.

In order to realise this, we designed and delivered a full day workshop that explored the psychology of innovation, innovation strategies and techniques and workshopped each participant’s innovation through an experiential group process. Drawing on archetypal values to explore how our psychology often gets in the way of our being innovative and using the RIDO scales of the Team Management Profile to articulate how different people innovate differently, we enabled each participant to understand their unique innovation strengths, preferences and limiting beliefs.

By chris

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