Kids or no kids?

Are you thinking about having kids or wanting your kids to have kids? Women have so many choices these days, but the more recent trend for women has been to focus on establishing a career and have children later in life or not at all. Many women struggle with the question “when is the right time?” Some choose to have children early, while others wait til their 40’s. Is either right or wrong? Or is it simply choice? Zoe Slater will share with us the journey of interviewing everyday women from around the world, in her recently launched book “Kids or no kids?”. Her research revealed the Top Five Values that influence a woman’s choice regarding children. She is an esteemed counsellor and has recently returned from a book launch in New York. This is a topic that challenges women of all ages and stages.

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REFRESHMENTS: Refreshments will be provided by Chocolate Orange Espresso upon entry at 6:30pm.

By Georgia

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