Managing stress

Colonial First State approached us to run the monthly Women’s Potential Network in-house as the Women’s Leadership Lounge for senior staff. The workshop was themed around the concept of supporting High-performing women to refuel, relabel, reframe and refocus during tough times and the subsequent stressors that occur. Drawing on her experience working with high-performance women in the sporting environment, Georgia ran a variety of self-reflection, group coaching and facilitation activities to support the women to gain new insights into their ability to find resilience and focus on what was really important to them in their work and life.

The Women’s Potential Network is Australia’s first personal development network of its kind. Facilitated by Georgia Ridler, this network inspires women each month to embrace their potential. It is a truly unique and genuine process that encourages women and guest mentors to put down their masks, reveal their authenticity, and learn more about topics that we face as women in life, relationships, careers and business. Held on the 2nd Thursday of every month, our members are sharing and expanding their story and building a network for life!

Refreshments provided by: Chocolate Orange Espresso

By Georgia

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