Coaching for Educational Managers

This full-day workshop introduced Educational Managers from the Southbank Institute of Technology to basic coaching and mentoring theory, models and processes in order to support their work as mentors to junior teaching staff within the Institute. The workshop was built on the competency framework developed by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and while utilising coaching theory, was predominantly experiential, as adults learn best by practicing, reflecting and refining. Using the GROW model (Goals, current Reality, Options, Will), participants participated in perceptual positions exercises (NLP) to practice, model and observe coaching in action and experienced what it is like to be coached and the impact it can have. Exploring the continuum from mentoring to coaching, participants identified their preferred position and discussed how they might develop flexibility in terms of their approach.

At the completion of the workshop, participants had identified 3 personal/professional goals for themselves, had explored a variety of dilemmas and had commenced the development of possible strategies and options to go forward with. They were buddied up so that they could continue to practice with each other and further embed their learnings, as well as achieve the goals they had set by the end of the program.

By chris

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