Student leadership development program

The Student leadership development program 2012 was designed for student representatives from SBIT and was focused on supporting them to develop rapport and inter-personal skills in order to influence others, explore and understand how personal differences impact upon engagement and the building of trust in groups, expand awareness around the difference between how we see ourselves as a leader and how others see us and support them to work together effectively in order to achieve consensus around key leadership challenges.

The Student leaders program was designed as a series of highly experiential and self-reflective workshops that engaged and challenged student leaders through a mix of group activities, partner work and individual self-reflection in an informal but challenging environment. It represents a key moment in their personal and professional leadership journey, because it challenged their assumptions about personal power, power over others and power with others, unpacking many limiting beliefs in the process. Many students became acutely aware of the impact of their communication on others, particularly the power of language, the power of perception and the difficulty of communicating what we really mean in a way that others can understand.

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By chris

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