ATSIS Team development

This full day workshop focused on supporting the Mt. Isa team to develop a stronger understanding of their work preferences so that they could develop a common purpose and shared vision that would support them going forward. Utilising theories and models from Team Management Systems, participants explored how they preferred to relate to to others, how they preferred to gather and use information, how they preferred to make decisions and how they preferred to organise themselves and their work. This was then integrated with current neuroscience theory to help them develop mindfulness around the connection between their thinking, emotions and behaviours and these impact on the team dynamics.

Using the ideas from the Wisdom of Teams by Katzenbach and Smith and the 5 Dysfunctions of Teams by Lencioni, the team went on a journey of discovery about how they came to be where they were, what stories and myths surrounded their experience of life and work and what strengths and preferences they brought to the team. From this, the team focused on exploring and defining their common purpose and performance goals which were focused on them as a team. Typically teams focus only on operational goals and they forget that if they don’t look after themselves as a team and set goals and define parameters, then the work may get done, but it is not sustainable and often will not lead down the path to high-performance.

This day was the initiation for them and they are now walking the path that leads to a strong, high-performance team.

By chris

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