The countdown is on!

The countdown is on for year12 students and although there is excitement in the air regarding graduation and Schoolies, September is the dreaded month that QTAC preferences are due.

This is the point in time where everyone starts asking, “What are you going to do next year?” The truth is most yr12 students have no idea yet. And if we are honest with ourselves, most 40 and 50yr olds still have no idea. So why all the pressure? We force our 17yr olds into a pressure cooker of exams and OP’s, career choices and university preferences and then wonder why so many of them are taking a gap year following yr12!

Our suggestion to year 12 students at this point is Don’t Stress. Put down some preferences for QTAC so that you are in the system, and then just focus on your studies, have a great celebration, and then in the last week of November re-visit your preferences with fresh eyes. But note, there will be some courses that will be finalised before this Dec, so make sure you are in the know. Teen Potential will be hosting a Career Choices event in Twba in late Nov to ensure you are up to date with your preferences and plans for 2012, so stay tuned!

By Georgia

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