The game of opportunity

Success in high-performance sport, and indeed in life in general is very much a game of opportunity. We are all presented with opportunities every day. The questions are, however: are we aware of them, and are we taking advantage of them. More importantly of course, is what gets in the way of us taking advantage of them. This highly experiential workshop was based around a series of questions that the divers were asked, albeit in a roundabout way. By successfully “answering” each question, divers would progress from one stage to the next. Each time, the number of successful divers grew smaller, until there was one, self-nominated winner who received as a prize, one of Australia’s only Olympic diving Gold Medals, presented by Chantelle Newbury OAM.

The core questions that this workshop was built on were: 1.) are you going to step forward and be “in it to win it”? 2.) do you know what you want? 3.) do you believe in what you want? 4.) do you believe in yourself? 5.) will you back yourself when the world tells you “no”?

By chris

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