Think your way to success

How often do we get a chance to have an intimate Oprah-style conversation with a very successful woman? Not often. Typically we are kept at a distance and just given a few tips, but not at Women’s Potential! We do it differently. From a fractured vertebra to Olympic silver in seven months, Anna Meares found the courage to overcome disaster. How did she do it? How did she stay focused on what she wanted amidst the setback? And what does this mean for us as women in business, life, work and relationships? We are constantly facing obstacles and demands at work and home. All too often we find ourselves overwhelmed, in a hole, undermined and think there is no way forward. The question is, do we stop moving forward or do we find another way?

On Sunday 7th October you will have the once in a lifetime opportunity to learn how to “find another way” with two of Australia’s female high performance experts Anna Meares (3-time Olympian & Gold Medalist) and Georgia Ridler (Peak Performance Expert). Meares will reveal her astounding 7mth journey from uncertainty to success, and Georgia will uncover the strategies and teach you how you can use these strategies to reach your potential!

This workshop will launch you towards your potentia!  The reason I know this is because 80% of our clientele are world class athletes, executive women, career women and full-time mums who have had enough of limiting themselves and have used our unique evidence-based strategies to create the success they once thought impossible. Imagine HAVING WHAT YOU WANT by eliminating your limiting beliefs. Imagine FEELING MORE IN-CHARGE OF YOU by understanding your brain. Imagine CREATING THE FUTURE YOU WANT by staying focused on what you want.

Women’s Potential Seminars

During this seminar you will learn how to:

  • pay less attention to the stories we tell ourselves
  • focus on what is real and what is true
  • harness courage rather than go searching for confidence
  • stop difficult times defining you
  • make positive mental movies instead of negative ones.

Who should attend?

Every woman! Whether you are an executive, full-time mum, career professional or athlete, this seminar will have many learnings. You will be inspired and leave with tools that will help you transform your life for the future you deserve. At Women’s Potential, our mission is to encourage every woman to live her best life every day!  Don’t miss this amazing event! Stay tuned for more information through our Facebook page: Women’s Potential – Facebook

Anna’s Story

Seven months before the 2008 Beijing Olympics, disaster struck: racing at the Los Angeles World Cup event Anna crashed heavily onto the timber track at 60km/hr, fracturing her C2 vertebrae. It was an injury that almost cost Meares her life. Her story of overcoming this disaster and riding her way to a silver medal seven months later has many messages for all women across the globe.

About Women’s Potential

Women’s Potential delivers regular Seminars, Retreats and High Performance Coaching to high performing women from all walks of life. Our services inspire women to embrace their personal and professional potential through unique and genuine processes backed by brain-based science. Georgia’s seminars are more than a standard seminar – they provide real practical advice and a growing network of like-minded women. And best of all, the advice comes from her vast experience working with Olympians.

By Georgia

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